Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tiger's Eye

The full moon's light shined strongly into my fur. I could feel it welling up inside me, growing stronger and stronger. I shut my eyes to concentrate harder on what I was doing.

It happened. After one hundred years, I finally succeeded to build the power I needed for this change. My fur grew backwards and exposed my naked skin, I could feel the breezy wind brushing across my new skin. My fangs retracted at the same pace as my face. My claws changed, thinned into what looked like branch sticks while the nails retracted. I could feel my whole body shrink two times smaller than my original size. My bones twisted, crunched, changed. I shivered; there was no feeling of pain to the transformation, just uncomfortable sounds of cracking bones and the feeling of change that reigned my whole body.

When it stopped, I knew it was complete. I breathed and my throat released an unfamiliar sound. I lifted my tiny paw - hand - and squeezed the fingers together.

I was instantly curious with what I looked like, so I started moving toward the little pond up front. The paws and legs were much thinner, weaker than they really were. It felt weird to touch the muddy ground underneath my new skin: Even weirder, the knees on my back legs touched the ground the same time my hands and feet did. It was weird to be so unfamiliar with my new body, like I was a newborn cub that didn't know this world. But I did know this world. As I continued crawling to the water, I also realized that something was missing - my tail. I couldn't feel it anymore.

When I reached the waterside, its surface reflected my new face at me. The first emotion that came to mind was horror. I couldn't recognize any part of myself in this new face. The little mouth that had no fangs, the ears that were now placed on either side of my head instead of above. My nose shared the same color as the rest of my human face. My head had short and thin fur in black color. I was a little bit relieved when the reflection showed my yellow eyes - my original eye color. And then, I fought back the negative emotions. "This is what I wanted," I told myself. The ones before me did it to reach divinity. I did it to survive.

Once the bad feelings about my transformation were contained and taken away, a second emotion emerged: joy.

I did it. I had taken human form for the first time. Inside, I was still the tiger that I had always been, only now I was in a human's skin.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A message to all the bullies out there

You think you're so great and so amazing, and that there are ppl meant for you to bully and push around? I'll say this: you're all nothing than pathetic losers!
You go around having fun, drinking, drugging and bullying others just because they're different!
If you can't have the opportunity to pick on others, you just go find one. And that makes you pathetic, because you simply can't live a day without any of that. The surge of being powerful, of being strong and arrogant. All that hatred and narrow mind makes you pathetic.

When someone you bullied dies, you may be happy, but you won't be able to bully him again. And this is exactly what I mean, you're all nothing but pathetic losers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is weird

This feels weird. Why am I going around telling people that I'm virgin? It's not something you're supposed to flaunt.

Perhaps I've been single for so long that it drove me crazy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

En dag av rutiner och planer

I en dag av rutiner och planer, jag flyr till den plats jag trivs bäst.
Min värld där jag slappnar, där jag sover. Där jag har ro.
Så länge som tiden går, löven blåser förbi och flyger mest.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Short-termed relationships

This is my life:
No matter what happens, whoever enters my life just slips away later. I've tried to hold onto them, but they just kept disappearing. It's not pessimism, it's a fact. I've had people who were very, very, very precious to me, and they disappeared too.. I've tried to find a replacement, and I got nowhere..
this is my life: a life of short relationships.

Might as well accept it..